Preparations for the flight

It’s already almost the end of August. Summer in Poland seems to fade away, and slowly we can enjoy the beautiful Polish Autumn:) We are back home from a short trip, the time which we spent with dear family and friends, full of warm wishes, laughs and unending talks. But now, while resting at home, drinking a cup of herb tea I wanted to open my blog to see if its still alive:)

Less than one week is left for my flight to South Korea. So quickly. I think we already prepared everything what’s needed. If You go to Korea, You should consider taking some specific things from Your country:) or just know about differences. Things that I always have in mind based on personal experience are:

  • deodorants – which are hardly available or expensive
  • towels – people in Korea usually use towels of around 1/3 size of European towels
  • size of shoes – average size of shoes in Poland is the „bigger” size in Korea (later check what’s your Korean size of shoes, example: women size 38 in Poland = size 240/245 in Korea)
  • size of clothes – people travelling to Korea often mention troubles finding some of sizes in Korea, in my case I never had problem with the size, but.. with the length of trousers, or I was just unlucky with the stores I visited:)
  • some of personal hygienic products
  • herbs, black tea
  • medicine that You use and which may not be available in Korea

That’s all for now:)

It’s hard to believe that the day of departure is real and is getting closer..!



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