Few updates.. : )

Long time, really long time I didn’t write. I used to drink a cup of coffee while writing on my blog in the night:) I still enjoy drinking coffee a lot hehe:) Anyway I couldn’t resist drinking now a cup of korean lemon tea hehe. The jar is almost empty, so I guess have to buy another one as it’s so delicious.

This year was very busy, but I’m doing fine!:) Last Friday I spent time cleaning my desk, sorting all documents that I already read and used. And it seems that new books appeared on my desk as soon as I finished cleaning. This summer I have to closely focus on studying Korean.

Today I wanted to share some good news. Actually.., I still can’t believe that my dream is coming, came true.. and I’ll be doing my PhD in Korea! I’m really so happy..!

I don’t know how would I make this long and stressful way without love, support and cheering from my hubby.. I’m so thankful and strong thanks to You! I’m also very thankful to my families and my friends who are always by my side. Thanks to all of You it could come true and I will definitely do my best! : )

I wanted to share this news with You today. This summer I’ll be going to South Korea. Firstly I’ll be in Gwangju, and little bit later I’ll move to Seoul. Gwangju is a city that is twice big as my hometown and is located in south of Korea. If You want to know exactly where it is I attached a map!:)

And I also attach a video, where You can see more how the city looks like. If You are interested more in Gwangju You can follow my blog and instagram for more photos and stories.

Ok, I’ll just stop here by now:) Tomorrow I have to wake up very early, but definitely will see You soon!